Dr. Tatiana Revilla

Founding Partner and Co-Director

Company: Gender Issues
Role: Session Presenter

Tatiana Revilla holds a Ph.D. in public policy specializing in the analysis, development and implementation of public policies for gender equality. In 2017, she was awarded a full scholarship by the Mexican Council of Science and Technology to carry out a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her research focused on analyzing the impact of the welfare state through family policies in the gender stereotypes view of society. Tatiana graduated with honors from the Instituto Tecnol├│gico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and was nominated as one of the five finalists competing for the best thesis prize as part of the 2014 Gender Issues Contest in Mexico, organized by the National Institute of Women.

Since the beginning of her career and through a combination of academic, tactical and sociocultural activities, Tatiana has advocated to include the principles of social justice, inclusion, diversity and equality in public workplaces in Mexico. In order to generate a tangible impact in Mexico and on the development and inclusion agenda, she founded two consulting firms in Mexico, Gender Issues and Aequalitas Politika SC, both of which have focused on the promotion of gender equality and inclusion policies through the development and implementation of joint in-country activities with different sectors of the federal government and the private sector. Furthermore, Tatiana has more than 10 years of experience working across the fields of gender consulting, gender mainstreaming, and gender institutionalization in public organizations.

Due to her role as a consultant and through thorough research, Tatiana has managed to create a method that allows different governmental organizations at the local and federal level in Mexico to be certified under the Mexican Standard for Equality and Legislative Homologation with Equality Principles. Her work and findings in several public organizations have contributed not only to the acknowledgment of an urgent need to have more holistic approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion in Mexico, but also have become a watershed in the efforts to include D&I mechanisms in the public sector.

Tatiana worked as a full-time lecturer at ITESM delivering different on-site workshops, courses and seminars aimed at government officials on how to further develop and include a gender and equality perspective in the structure of the public administration. She participated as a keynote speaker and panelist at the International Congress for Public Administration and Public Policy GIGGAP and became member of the jury for the Thesis Contest of the Mexican Youth Institute. Tatiana was awarded a place at the Citizenship, Education, and Equity Chair of ITESM-CEM University and collaborated in the national project delivered jointly by the Mexican Council of Science and Technology and ITESM: Public Health Policies Mainstreaming with Gender Perspective.

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