Ellie Romness

Cell Therapy Supply Chain Manager

Company: Be The Match
Role: Session Presenter

Not to be too much of a stereotypical millennial, but I’ve done a little bit of a lot. Following graduation from Hamline University in 2009, I worked at a group home supporting people living with disabilities. Afterwards I held many roles, including non-profit worker focused on international aide, mental health service provider for children and their families, pastor in a small Minnesotan town, small business owner (which I still am), customer service representative, and barista. Finally finding my professional “forever home” at Be The Match BioTherapies, I currently serve alongside others as we save lives through cellular therapy.

Though my professional career has taken many forms, one underlying theme has meandered through it all: story-telling hope. Whether that has been through writing compelling copy to solicit donations to build a school in a third-world country, helping a battered teenager see their future as informed rather than defined by their past, or by supporting super exciting life-saving research…my career has always been about writing hope into the narrative of despair.

My long-term goals are to continue my hope-work and seek empowerment of those who have long been socially trampled upon, in whatever arena and form that takes. I have a strong personal and professional interest in social justice and am a strong writer. Where shall that lead? Let’s see.

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