Erin McClintock

Head of Impact, Social and Emotional Learning

Company: EVERFI
Role: Webinar Presenter

Webinar: A Psychologically Safe Workplace is the New Normal

Erin McClintock lead’s EVERFI’s impact work in mental health, wellness, and social and emotional learning. She approaches her work from a strength-based standpoint, and has a diverse array of expertise in mental health, digital wellness, substance use prevention, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. In her role, Erin looks critically at the ways in which technology can make an impact on tackling some of the most seemingly intractable issues facing people today, and how to best use available data to cultivate a widespread impact on prevention and treatment for learners across the lifespan. Erin holds a graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling and completed her post-Master’s education in trauma and addiction counseling.


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