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Farah Siddiqui

Community Manager, Employee Resource Groups

Company: Google
Role: DIP Presenter  /  Diversity Award Winner—Power the Future

Diversity Insights Breakfast: Religion in the Workplace: Interfaith Skills to Engage Difference
Diversity Insights Breakfast: Engaging Religious Diversity in the Workplace: Building Your Interfaith Strategy and Skillset

Farah works on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Google with a focus on religious and cultural inclusion in the workplace. Prior to taking on this role, she co-founded and was the Global President of Faithforce, the Interfaith Employee Resource Group at Salesforce. She’s a bridge-builder, a diversity & inclusion advocate and speaker, and has advised numerous corporations as they embark on their interfaith or faith-inclusion journeys. Farah also serves on three nonprofit boards committed to peace building, refugee support and empowering underrepresented voices and communities in Illinois and around the world.


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