Farrah Qureshi


Company: Global Diversity Practice
Role: Session Presenter

Farrah Qureshi, CEO of Global Diversity Practice, is recognized as one of the foremost experts on global diversity and inclusion consultancy and training. She has successfully delivered award-winning D&I interventions for an impressive portfolio of clients spanning both corporate and public sectors around the world. Farrah pioneered global diversity training: her delivery footprint extends to clients and participants from 140-plus countries.

Synthesizing 25 years of D&I experience, Farrah aligns her outputs to organizational transformation, leadership behaviors, culture change, and behavioral economics, combining each with a strategic business focus. She specializes in working at board, CEO and leadership levels. Farrah led the consultancy team responsible for designing the diversity strategy, and delivering all the diversity training, to ensure that D&I were embedded at the heart of the 2012 Olympic Games.

She is a regular global keynote speaker on topics such as D&I leadership, gender intelligence, effective cross-cultural collaboration, and unconscious bias. She pioneered the first diversity learning module delivered to international MBA students representing over 70 nationalities at Warwick Business School.

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