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Gladys Ndagire

Product Marketing Manager

Company: Western Digital
Role: Session Presenter

Currently, at Western Digital, Gladys Ndagire is a product marketing manager and serves on the board of the company’s Black Professionals Network. Previously, Gladys advised startup founders, private equity investors, lenders, government leaders and multinationals on growth financing and impact strategy during her time at Invest Africa, J.P. Morgan—and now as the founder of Go Make Good.

While pursuing her MBA at Columbia Business School, Gladys developed a curriculum for the school’s first-ever course on “New Growth and Business Opportunities in East Africa.” Gladys received her Bachelor of Arts in engineering and anthropology from Brown University.

An advocate for youth employment in Africa, Gladys has served on the nonprofit boards of Ongoza and Kaz’O’zah Art, and consults with multiple founders and organizations in East Africa on breaking into the global venture capital ecosystem.

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