Helen Yin

Co-Founder & COO

Company: Onova
Role: Moderator  /  Session Presenter

Helen Yin, co-founder and COO of Onova, and Victor Li (co-founder, Onova) grew up attending hackathons as students, taking product ideas from-zero-to-one in less than 48 hours, and recognizing the power of crowdsourcing as an accelerated method of innovation. After serving Fortune 500 clients as management consultants for three years, the duo recognized how challenging it was for large enterprises to maintain an ongoing pipeline of innovation, particularly in sparking new ideas and carrying them through to implementation.

Onova was born out of a genuine belief in the power of open innovation to rapidly generate and launch product ideas. With clients such as McDonald’s, HSBC and Capgemini, Onova has driven more than a thousand software and hardware solutions focused on inclusivity, social good, corporate innovation and consumer products to tackle these clients’ most pressing challenges.

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