Ibrahim Demmaj

Real Estate Developer

Role: Day Two General Session Speaker

Ibrahim (Abe) Demmaj is a developer and businessman who owns and operates commercial and residential real estate ventures throughout the Twin Cities metro area. He is both a global citizen and local Minnesotan. He graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris with degrees in Chemistry and Sociology and pursued further studies and a degree in IT from St. Mary’sUniversity in Minneapolis. Over the past decade, he has restored and renovated dilapidated properties, created housing and retail opportunities, grown businesses in Northeast, Lake Street, and Nicollet Avenue areas of Minneapolis, and in the University Avenue corridor of Saint Paul. This work has generated employment for multiple Twin Cities residents from underrepresented and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. His passion for growing a thriving, sustainable, and diverse Minneapolis is built on his international insight and experience, his knack with people, and his vast language abilities.
In the wake of the tragic death of George Lloyd and unrest that ensued Abe Demmaj built foundations and community outreach programs to help New American businesses who lost everything. Although most immigrant businesses are underinsured due to their lack of insurance knowledge, Abe and his fellow founders of the foundation worked tirelessly to give these businesses the resources needed to not only rebuild but to build their community in an equitable way. As a developer, Abe has been working on multiple devastated properties to revitalize the Lake street business corridor as one that serves emerging entrepreneurs and business owners.

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