Jake Chaya

Founder, Curriculum Designer, Trainer, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Company: CaregiverStrong
Role: Session Presenter

Jake Chaya is the founder of CaregiverStrong, which provides education, training, and technology tools to families and professional caregivers. He is an author of five published books, three of which have a theme of dealing with death and chronic/terminal illnesses and how caregivers can see adversity as a way of searching for God and finding purpose in life.

Jake taught special needs children and coached high school football and wrestling, then became an entrepreneur for 10 years by starting a gymnastics school, before settling into a 23-year career in the financial services industry doing technology and curriculum design for financial planning tools. For the past 14 years Jake has worked in the technology and operations departments of various firms and served as a mentor to executives.

Jake and his wife, Beth, have experienced great adversity in 43 years of marriage, but have been active in ministry, missionary work, and helping mentor caregivers aside from their professional roles. Currently they develop caregiver support groups and they travel to Rwanda to develop staff and high school students for vocational and academic growth, expanding caregiving and the healthcare business in Africa.

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