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Jane Wilson

Project Manager, Equity and Diversity Initiatives

Company: Toronto Community Benefits Network
Role: Session Presenter

Facebook: @CommunityBenefits

Twitter: @TCBN_TO

LinkedIn: @TCBN

Jane Wilson is a project manager for equity and diversity initiatives at Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN), a community-labor coalition with a membership base of more than 85 groups and organizations across Toronto. TCBN negotiates jobs and opportunities into major infrastructure and urban development projects for historically disadvantaged communities and equity-seeking groups.

Jane has three decades of experience in the not-for-profit sector engaging multiple stakeholders in initiatives that support access to training and employment opportunities in trades and technology for women, youth and newcomers to Canada. She is a recipient of the Bhayana Family Foundation Award from United Way of Greater Toronto, York, and Peel Region. recognizing leadership in achieving team-based results through innovative women’s programming.

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