Jeremy Fricke

Vice President of Mission Advancement

Company: Tri-Faith Initiative
Role: Session Presenter

Jeremy Fricke, vice president of Mission Advancement at Tri-Faith Initiative, is an advisor, scholar, and thought leader on a variety of topics including:
• Marginalized and New Religious Communities
• Racism and Religion
• Implementing Practical Strategies for DEI in the Workplace and Community
• Interfaith Dialogue Welcoming the Unaffiliated
• American Secularism’s Relationship with Religion
• Interfaith Understandings in the Abrahamic Scriptures

A Fremont, Neb., native, Jeremy received his Bachelor of Science in business administration/human resources from Wayne State College. He then attended the University of Iowa, graduating with his Master of Arts in religious studies in 2018. A passionate advocate of the practical and theoretical applications of religious studies, he has taught various courses on modern religion, the Bible, and the Holocaust in academic settings.

As vice president of Mission Advancement, Jeremy has led, taught, and developed a variety of educational programs and curricula. He also leads Religious Other Inclusion workshops and training on inclusion in the workplace and schools, and supports university partnerships in a variety of capacities — including the Abrahamic Religions in Dialogue course offered at University of Nebraska at Omaha. He also teaches Abraham’s Whiteboard and leads a wide variety of initiatives promoting better relationships and understanding across religious and nonreligious lines of difference.

Jeremy has received awards and fellowships for his leadership and social advocacy, including the Ron Holt Civic Engagement Award, the Newman Civic Fellowship, and multiple Future Business Leader of America Scholarships. His master’s thesis focused on strategies to respond to the rise of White nationalism in American religions through case studies on Odinism.

As a full-time religion nerd, Jeremy is always finding new things to learn about, find relevance for, and share with the community. He loves religious diversity, BattleBots, his spouse, and pets.

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