Joel Hodroff

Economic Futurist

Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 25 – Building the Emerging Economy on a Diversity and Inclusion Platform

Joel Hodroff is a 40 year social entrepreneur, an inventor, and an economic futurist. His vision is to turn society’s currently underutilized business and community productive capacities—empty college desks and restaurant tables, off-hours at fitness clubs and movie theaters, underdeveloped renewable energy resources, infinite digital downloads and massive unsold consumer goods and services—into new wealth for individuals, families and communities. To do this he uses the tools of better money design and social innovation. Joel was awarded the first US Patents (now expired) for dual currency pricing, accounting, and transaction settlement systems. With colleagues he has designed and built pilot dual currency systems that have not scaled in the market. Joel asserts that economics and commerce are constrained and inefficient because of win-lose competition over money. This inherited flaw, he argues, can be transformed into win-win cooperation to create a universally high quality of life and Sustainable Prosperity for all. Joel has also been an innovation provocateur for Visa and named a Twin Cities Innovator of the Year.

Please check out his holistic white paper Sustainable Prosperity Now! Awakening a Green Revolution of the Heart. Now imagine how human-centered money REdesign can address our seemingly intractable social, economic, and environmental challenges and, in particular, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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