Johnanna Ganz, Ph.D.


Company: J. Ganz Consulting
Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 21 – Building a Healthy Occupational Identity While Working in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Johnanna Ganz, Ph.D., is a highly analytical, data-focused pragmatist. Dr. Ganz looks for opportunities to turn theory and ideas into action. As an independent researcher and consultant, her passion lies in organizational development and increasing the efficacy of mission-driven agencies. During her doctoral research, Johnanna focused on the development of occupational and organizational identity in victim advocates and their agencies. She has used this research to develop tools and trainings that help individuals and organizations improve their work. In her work as a consultant and trainer, Johnanna assists mission-driven individuals and agencies as they build their skills around maintaining healthy occupational and organizational identities. Johnanna approaches every project and relationship with the philosophy of, “Let’s learn and do better, together.”

Dr. Ganz has served in a variety of roles focused on ending gendered violence in local, state/territory, and national communities. Most recently, she was the Sexual Violence Institute Director at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Prior to her current role, Johnanna has worked in a wide variety of positions such as Professor of Sociology and Women’s/Gender Studies, Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, Sexual Assault Response Team leader, Systems Change Program Manager, and a Rural Projects Coordinator for a national training and technical assistance grant. Working with mission driven groups to improve their local communities is the thread woven throughout all of her work. Johnanna uses the unique combination of her education, research, and experience to develop practical solutions that help all those in mission-driven work have healthier, happier working lives.


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