Jolene Thibedeau Boyd

Chief Service Officer

Company: Community Involvement Programs
Role: Session Presenter
Session: Stop Making It Weird: Why I’m Not Clapping (S1 - D)

Jolene Thibedeau Boyd, MS, CESP, is the chief service officer at Community Involvement Programs in Minneapolis, Minn. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than two decades with a focus on advocacy and services for people with a wide range of disabilities and mental health experiences. She has facilitated conversions from traditional models of service to innovative, community-based services that strive to create more inclusive environments for all people. Jolene has extensive experience in management, leadership, strategic planning, implementation of organizational change, and development of values-based cultures.

Jolene has served on nonprofit boards of directors for multiple terms, including for Minnesota APSE (Association for People Supporting Employment First) and the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. She was a founding member of the Minnesota Employment First Coalition and has been actively involved in facilitating the progress of Employment First within Minnesota.

Jolene presents at local and national conferences and workshops, has published articles in journals and online forums, and serves as a consultant to service providers and state agency leaders. She holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and human services from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from California Southern University.

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