Judy Ryan


Company: Lifework Systems
Role: Podcast Presenter

Our Why? The mission of LifeWork Systems is to… create a world in which all people love their lives!
Our Vision: To fulfill our mission in partnership with like-minded, like-hearted thought leaders and change agents worldwide

Our human systems aren’t working anymore – the way of superior vs. inferior, or management vs. employees or adults vs. children. We need powerful, positive, and sustainable transformation. Future trends, challenges and priorities require effective evolvement of conditions and conversations needed to meet today’s current and future life and work objectives.

Founded in 2002, LifeWork Systems (formerly Expanding Human Potential, LLC) is a full-service change management company specializing in culture transformation, cooperative practices, and the development of leadership in every person at all levels. The vision of CEO Judy Ryan has been the driving force in shaping the company. She knows that healthy organizational culture lives in the collective hearts and habits of people and their shared perception of how things are to be done. She emphasizes that the #1 advantage for ‘organizations of tomorrow’ is investing in a human system that creates a NEW KIND OF TEAM in which people are motivated from within.

Judy’s experience has been that for centuries, most authority figures, including executives, educators, and parents, adopted human systems (how people think, act, feel, and behave) originally designed for survival, conformity, and compliance, rather than creativity, initiative, responsibility, and collaboration. These obsolete and counter-productive systems do not foster alignment, accountability, or positive social interest; this is when every person considers consequences that they cause others. Judy walks the talk in her company and in her personal life where she initially learned and applied Adlerian psychology when parenting her five children, then as a parent educator and eventually as a business owner who recognized that what was needed in homes and schools was also needed in every setting. Healthy human systems matter everywhere.

Judy recently said, “This is a time where the wheat and chaff are sifting. People are in more pain and are more aware that they are not victims. This is obvious in the current trends in our society including the great resignation. Judy knew for decades this time was coming. She once said that in the early days of building her company, marketing consultants would advise her, “You can’t appeal to business owners for reasons like ensuring their people “love their lives.” They don’t care about employees that way. The time has come where if the leaders of an organization do not care about the happiness and development of their people, or the health of their workplace culture, or don’t know how to help everyone live from purpose and values, they will not make it forward.”” Judy committed to stay the course knowing the world would eventually recognize the need to evolve. That time is now.

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