Kate Khaled

Founder and Managing Director

Company: Imagine Deliver
Role: Session Presenter

Katherine Khaled, founder and managing director of Imagine Deliver, is the kind of leader who will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. As a strategist and former community organizer, she’s an expert at listening to teams and leading them in transformative directions. Kate has the uncanny ability to see beyond the limitations others place on themselves to spot brilliance in the people around her.

With nearly two decades of experience in philanthropy, community-based research and human-centered design, Kate knows the best services and products are designed by the people who use them. She founded Imagine Deliver because she routinely saw systems operating in ways that left people out of problem solving rather than meaningfully including them—creating scenarios where both businesses and talented people lost out. Today, Kate helps companies eliminate that disconnect by showing them how to tap into the genius of their employees, communities and customers to build more creative, inventive and cutting-edge solutions.

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