Kathleen Curran

Global Executive Coach

Company: Global Coaches Network (GCN)
Role: Session Presenter

Kathleen Curran is a senior global executive coach and has been with Global Coaches Network (GCN) since 2006. She is also a consultant, designer, and facilitator of global leadership and talent development with more than 25 years of international experience. Living and working in Asia for more than two decades, she has extensive background in co-creating, designing, and delivering globally equitable, inclusive, and interculturally astute leadership and organizational development transformations.

Kathleen is also a researcher, writer, practitioner, and thought leader in the power of global enterprise ecosystems and global competency development. Believing that global is much more than geography, she founded Intercultural Systems in Singapore in 1996, and has spent her career facilitating enterprises in Asia and worldwide in developing a global mindset in approach, systems, and solutions. She has been instrumental in developing emerging leader programs that focus on integrating eastern and western philosophies and practices, and building leadership at all levels. Her published work on global identity and the process of global resonance as inside-out individual transformation has been cited as a significant contribution to the field of global leadership development.

Kathleen’s ability to see every individual as an individual and connect with curiosity and respect across differences underscores her ability to inspire and provoke agile thinking, building climates of innovation in the process. She is particularly skilled at catalyzing co-creations with clients and partners that produce “more-than-imagined” solutions. As a “systems plumber,” she masterfully unclogs blockages in diversity of thinking, access to opportunities, and freedom to be extraordinary.

Her clients have spanned industry sectors, organizational sizes, and geographies, yet all have noted benefits from her intent and focus on developing globally responsible leaders who work within their ecosystems to create the conditions for individual, team, organizational, and community success.

Kathleen holds a PhD and MA in human and organizational development, with a specialization in global leadership and talent development; an MA in intercultural communication; a BA in linguistics; and ICF ACC coach accreditation.

Recent publications include “Developing Global Resonance for Global Leadership” as an author contributor in Leadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the Intersections of Gender, Culture, Context, and Sustainability (2018); “Global Identity Tensions for Global Leaders” in Advances in Global Leadership, Vol. 12 (2019); “Global Identity and Global Leadership: Becoming, Knowing and Doing Differently” in The Study and Practice of Global Leadership (In Press, 2020), ILA BLB on Global Leadership; and “Coaching for Global Resonance” in Global Coaching Wisdom (In Press, 2020).


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