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Kathy Kacher

President; Co-Founder

Company: Career/Life Alliance Services; The SMART Workplace
Role: Podcast Presenter  /  Session Presenter

2019 Conference Session: Distance Bias—When out of Sight Really Means out of Mind (S3-C)
2020 Conference Session: Distance Bias 2.0—Assessing Your Organization’s Digital Inclusion Habits (S2-B)
Post: Podcast Ep. 65: Developing Manager Inclusion Habits in the Virtual Workplace

Kathy Kacher, President of Career/Life Alliance Services, (CLAS) and Cofounder of The SMART Workplace, is a workforce transformation expert with a focus on workplace flexibility, open workspace change management and work/life integration. She enables organizations to successfully manage and innovate through complex structural and cultural change. Particularly skilled in conducting organizational diagnostics; leading cultural integrations, branding & change initiatives; advising and coaching leaders; employee engagement & leadership development processes. Her successful track record focuses on partnering with senior teams and key talent to create competitive advantage through people.

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