Kori Stephens

Project Director

Company: Midwest Children's Advocacy Center.
Role: Session Presenter

Kori Stephens, MPH, is the project director for the Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center (MRCAC) at Children’s Minnesota whose mission is to improve the community response to child abuse through strategic leadership, collaboration and capacity building. Since 2010, Kori has been involved in numerous national initiatives to improve systems involved in child abuse investigations and serves on the MRCAC Equity Council.

She supports people and organizations to bring their whole authentic and creative expressions to this world by bringing clarity to their BIG vision, designing structures that will both support and sustain their growth, and integrating mindfulness practices to build resilience for when the work gets challenging—because it will. Kori works with nonprofit executives, team leaders, creative professionals, advocates and everything in between.

When not working with CAC and child abuse professionals, you can find Kori playing make-believe with her two sons, supporting mamas to restore their wholeness, and celebrating all forms of human expression through music, writing and art.

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