Laraine Kaminsky

President, CEO

Company: Global LK
Role: Webinar Presenter

Laraine Kaminsky, President and CEO of Global LK, a global consulting firm, has lived on three continents and worked in over 94 countries. In 1989 Laraine launched her consulting firm which specializes in building, leveraging and developing inclusive leaders in an increasingly global economy.

Laraine has been engaging women and leadership for over 30 years to build inclusive and effective leadership environments across cultures, genders and generations. She is frequently sought out for her expertise and ability to present and strategize from a global perspective.

Laraine is an energetic, engaging and dynamic facilitator. She has worked with multiple women’s organizations and resource groups to share strategies for communicating and leading effectively, growing emotional intelligence and building and leveraging trust and relationships.

With a unique understanding of the complex intersections of gender and other dimensions of difference, Laraine has worked with a variety of clients to develop their women in leadership pipelines. She consults with client organizations to address systemic barriers to women in leadership, build networks of diverse allies, and grow women’s representation and credibility within their organizations.

Laraine’s clients and experience include diverse organizations in the public and private sector. She has worked with many corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies, many national and international businesses and several law, financial and professional services firms. Laraine has provided Women in Leadership training and education to the following organizations: 3M, BHP Billiton, Department of National Defense, Government of Canada, IBM, Oracle, Shell, Sunlife Financial, Talisman, the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization.

Laraine has ‘leaned in’ and has both a personal and professional interest and expertise in developing and leveraging women in leadership. Her contribution and commitment to her field of expertise has been recognized through her nomination as a finalist for the Women’s Business Achievement Award in Canada’s capital city.
She takes a well-rounded approach to expanding her own cross cultural competence, and draws from life experience, study, research, and travel – in particular, she enjoys exploring a culture from the seat of her bicycle and cycles in as many countries as possible.

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