Laura Mansfield

Senior Director of Organizational Transformation

Company: KEEN Footware
Role: Session Presenter

Currently senior director of Organizational Transformation at KEEN Footwear, Laura Mansfield’s job is to cultivate and improve culture throughout the company. She builds cross-functional connections between key business functions and people and culture, and facilitates key strategic conversations in support of leader and team alignment while supporting top leadership to be the best leaders they can be—standing on the bridge that connects ROI and people. Laura’s goal is to be a change agent for good.

Laura is a multiple Emmy Award-winning documentary producer/director. She was a former professor at Portland State University in Global Nonprofit Organizations and a pioneer in podcasting. Laura is a global keynote and highly sought-after expert in culture, equality, inclusion and leadership in her role as advisory consultant with her company, Taproot Ventures. She is based in Portland, Oregon, where she is a mom and wife, and can be found newly managing nine golden retriever puppies.

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