Lauren Feiersinger


Company: Minneapolis College
Role: DEF Session

Lauren Feiersinger likes to think of herself as a global citizen with a desire to seek out different cultures to learn about them and herself in relation to those cultures. She was born in Botswana to parents who always made a point to expose her to diverse cultures and travels in her younger years. She’s been schooled in Botswana, South Africa, Malaysia, and now in the United States. Throughout her life, Lauren has often been fascinated by the differences and richness presented in various cultures from around the world.

Lauren is pursuing an economics and communications degree at Minneapolis College (Minneapolis Community and Technical College) where she also serves as the Student Senate president. Prior to her current role on campus, she worked with the Division of Equity & Inclusion where she learned how to articulate her appreciation for all students and people in general while remaining sensitive to the individual and collective strengths of each person. She and her team represented the school’s 8,000-plus students and worked closely with the campus administration to create inclusive and culturally conscious spaces in which students can show up authentically and share their narratives while pursuing a higher education degree.

Lauren is deeply passionate about creating access and equal opportunity for everyone on both a local and global level. She plans to transfer to Metropolitan State University after her time at Minneapolis College, where she’ll complete her coursework for economics and international business. As her grandmother often reminds her, “There is no true progress for me if I leave you behind. We all need community.”

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