Lilian Eilers is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Blue Ocean Company, an international consultancy that helps organisations achieve – and exceed – their top performance goals by implementing ‘Blue Ocean’ strategies so that they can break away from the status quo and turn their aspirations into action.

Lilian leads a global team of 150 experienced coaches, consultants and facilitators, who are all experts in developing transformational leaders, creating collaborative teams and initiating strength-based cultures.

She has a BA from Vassar College (New York) and is a certified Organizational Development Practitioner (Fielding University, California).

Lilian is passionate about building healthy work environments where employees not only have the right skillset, but also the right mindset, to be successful. Once employees understand how their mindset (beliefs, biases, values) drives their behavior, they can make real changes in their behaviors by changing their mindset.

Creating this mindset shift is fundamental to how The Blue Ocean Company works with clients. In fact, in January 2020 it launched a new online tool called the ReFocus Tool that helps users shift their mindset so that they can get unstuck and achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

Before co-founding The Blue Ocean Company in 2006, Lilian worked for the Center of Creative Leadership and for Management Centre Europe (the European branch of the American Management Association) as Regional Director for the Benelux and Nordics. In these roles, she supported organizations in defining and refining their leadership development requirements, headed up project teams, managed faculty teams and monitored client satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

Lilian is Dutch but considers herself a global nomad, having lived in Aruba (Dutch Caribbean), Saudia Arabia, the UK and the US. She believes that her ‘third culture’ mindset is a key success factor when working with diverse cultures to promote connections and greater collaboration. One of her favorite quotes is the Platinum Rule: “”treat people the way THEY want to be treated”” (The Art of People, Dave Kerpen).


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