Lisa Magill

Co-Founder and COO

Company: Aleria PBC
Role: Session Presenter

2020 Conference Session: Measuring the Invisible: How Inclusion Impacts Company Performance and Employee Satisfaction (S6-E)
2018 Conference Session: An Industry-University Partnership to Quantify the Value of Diversity and Inclusion (S2-D)

Lisa Magill passionately tackles real-world problems with innovative and impactful solutions. Currently she leverages her passions and expertise to help take the guesswork out of diversity and inclusion as co-founder of Aleria and ARC. After several years in the financial services industry, Lisa gained extensive entrepreneurial experience holding key positions on the founding teams of funded and acquired technology startups.

Over the years, Lisa has been recognized for her commitment to community and the impact of her efforts focused on mentorship, education and creating opportunities for women.

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