Lori McDaniel


Company: Rainbow Bridges
Role: Session Presenter

Lori McDaniel, founder of Rainbow Bridges, has more than 20 years of experience in corporate technology training, instructional design, virtual learning, process improvement, project management, and team performance arenas. She is also a transformational coach and facilitator with deep expertise in transformative learning methodologies.

Lori is currently co-authoring a book on leveraging Relational Power to end systemic racism at the individual and societal levels. She has also developed online transformative learning workshops that give people the ability to have authentic, empowering conversations about race, including conscious repair dialogues. Her formal training is in adult learning theory, transformational coaching, instructional design and development, performance coaching, and Feminine Power™ transformative learning design and facilitation.

In addition, Lori is a Certified Performance Consultant, a Certified E-Learning and Virtual Learning Designer, has a Six Sigma Greenbelt Master Certificate, and a BA in literature from Claremont McKenna College. She has taught technology process improvement and project management and has also led high-performance technology project teams. Currently during COVID-19, in addition to her virtual work toward race equity, she is lending her expertise in virtual technology as a consultant to people who are moving their services online.

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