Lynda White

Lynda White


Company: McLeod White and Associates Inc.
Role: GIF Session Co-Host

Lynda White is president of McLeod White and Associates Inc., a company providing organization development consulting services in the areas of change, systems thinking, facilitation and training, employment equity/affirmative action, diversity, leadership, and strategic planning. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, her current responsibilities include providing consulting services to corporate, government, and community clients to support them leading the process of organizational change, and identifying and creating initiatives that will enhance their abilities to make and sustain change in their own environments. Past and current clients include large and small corporations, government departments, and not-for-profit organizations.

Previously, for approximately 14 years through the end of 1999, Lynda was a senior human resources professional and team leader of the global Diversity and Employment Equity function with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Financial). She and her group provided primary support and consulting services to the Bank’s businesses through organizational change initiatives and in building diversity into day-to-day operations of the organization, with focused undertakings in the areas of gender, disability, and diversity. While in this role, she participated in and graduated from, the Gestalt Organization and Systems Development Program, sponsored by RBC. In 2012, she was named an Outstanding Graduate of this program, recognizing her body of work.

Lynda has served as a member of Canadian government task forces and advisory committees on subjects of gender, disability, equity, and diversity. Following her participation at the International Conference on Women in Beijing, China, she participated in a United Nations meeting held to build upon recommendations to further the work at the Beijing conference.

She is a member and past president of The Diversity Collegium, a group of leading North American diversity professionals working together to advance and contribute to the field of diversity through research and learning. In 2012, as a representative for The Diversity Collegium, Lynda presented at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Conference in Doha, Qatar. Additionally, she is an expert panelist for the “Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks,” a guideline for best practices authored by Julie O’Mara and Alan Richter.

Lynda has facilitated workshops on a range of topics in change and diversity within North America and internationally for corporations, government departments, and academic institutions. She has had a number of articles published in human resources publications and textbooks, and in diversity publications.