Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson

Principal Consultant

Company: Imagine Deliver
Role: Session Presenter

In her work as principal consultant with Imagine Deliver, Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson provides coaching, strategic advising, facilitation, public speaking, engagement strategy, culturally competent program design, and intercultural communication strategy. With more than 21 years of experience in nonprofit and public administration—focused on education, program development and management, and cultural competency—Lynnea knows how to strategically disrupt, inspire and motivate to shift and improve longstanding organizational cultures. Insightful advising and solution-focused critique are her superpowers. She is as inspiring a voice at the front of the room as she is a patient coach one-on-one. You can find her voice across our public sector, workplace inclusion, people-centered design, and education-oriented offerings.

Lynnea mobilizes authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion in partnership with an outcome-oriented precision to accomplish audacious goals. She brings extensive and successful experience deploying capacity-building programs, finding new earned-revenue streams for cause-based rural and urban organizations, and advising large public-sector entities and corporations on equitable practices and change management. Lynnea is known for high-level inter-culturally competent facilitation, advising, and speaking.

She is a strong partner for nonprofit, public, and private outdoor and environmental organizations by bringing an inclusion lens to their work, and she’s a certified interpretative and adventure guide with extensive outdoor experiential education in the southwest region of the country and Minnesota.

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