Mark Williams

Director of Digital Experience

Company: WMFDP | FDP Global
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Social Change: Anticipating and Leading Through Social Unrest (TT6-A)

Mark Williams partnered with WMFDP in 2018 and is known for his unique ability to integrate conceptual frameworks, research, and diagnostics with web-based tools and multimedia in his facilitation work with organizations, teams, and small groups. He is the founder and co-creator of WIN Insights and has conducted more than 200 diversity training presentations.

Mark is a highly regarded thought leader, consultant, coach, public speaker, and author of five books, including the bestselling book entitled “The 10 Lenses: Your Guide to Living and Working in a Multicultural World.” He has conducted extensive research in the field of identity and diversity with leading firms such as Gallup, Zogby, Harris and Survey USA.

Mark holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology from the American University.


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