Marlene Ogawa


Company: Synergos Institute
Role: Session Presenter

Marlene Ogawa is a highly experienced facilitator who has worked within the private sector, NGOs globally, and the government of South Africa. She is currently director at Synergos Institute and her expertise is in designing and implementing adult learning and sharing interventions addressing both micro and macro needs.

Marlene was a keynote speaker at the 2019 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference on the theme of Thriving Women, Thriving World with Diana Whitney and Tanya Cruz Teller. That same year, she partnered with six other authors leading globally in the appreciative inquiry and positive psychology fields to publish a book, “Thriving Women Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing, and Inspired Actions.” She has worked across various leadership and collaboration initiatives that build on the principles of Theory U and Presencing. Her adult education and learning expertise allows her to strategically design and hold space using various cutting-edge methodologies including World Café and Open Space Technology.

Currently, Marlene is passionate about her strategic planning and diversity and inclusion work with clients using Appreciative Inquiry. Over the years, she has supported cross and multi-sectoral collaborations through project management, engaging and facilitating gatherings with diverse groups within government, business, civil society, and communities.

Her work at Synergos focuses on bridging leadership through systems thinking and partnership building. At the heart of her work is relational leadership for personal and collaborative systems change. This work includes collaborating with strategic partners to influence practice, building a body of knowledge through experiences and design of programs, and contributing to cross-sectoral Bridging Leadership and development policies. She is committed to and is passionate about supporting community initiatives that inform policy and believes that enhancing peoples’ capacity leads to successful program delivery and positive sustainable change to positively impact society.

Marlene has an education degree from the University of Johannesburg and various certificates in project management and ICT. Her formal technology schooling is the foundation to a passion for online learning and engagements that amplify collaboration.

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