Matthew Taylor

Curriculum Developer and Facilitator

Company: Independent Contractor
Role: Session Presenter
Session: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: How AI Exacerbates Bias (S2-A)

Matt Taylor is an engineer, facilitator, and activist from Somerville, Mass. As an engineer, he worked at the MIT Media Lab building tools for young people to learn how to code, and also doing research in the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence (AI). As a facilitator, he has created and implemented learning experiences for young people to learn how to express themselves creatively through code, and also facilitated dialogue around anti-racism and inclusion. As an activist, he has fought for housing justice in the Greater Boston Area, and helped to organize a music and activism festival in Somerville called HONK!

Currently, Matt works at the intersection of technology, learning, and social justice. He designs and facilitates learning experiences for people of all ages in the Greater Boston Area, focusing on learning to code and demystifying AI for non-coders.

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