Michael Rossman

Chief Human Resources Officer

Company: Hennepin County, Minnesota
Role: Session Presenter

Michael Rossman serves as the chief human resources officer for Hennepin County and sits on the executive team for the organization. He has been with Hennepin County for over 25 years serving in many capacities, most notably in his current executive leadership role as well as the past administrator for the nationally recognized regional medical examiner’s office, owned and operated by Hennepin County. The largest unit of government in the state of Minnesota, Hennepin County prides itself on being a leader in providing valuable services to residents in an innovative fashion, as well as being an employer of choice that recognizes that diversity and inclusion are paramount to delivering quality services as well as attracting and retaining a talented workforce that can deliver those services.

Michael’s success in the organization is a story that started from the ground up, beginning his career 25 years ago as a clerk typist in the community corrections department. Through hard work, a desire to provide public service, and the support of leaders who understood the value of mentoring, he progressively worked his way up into supervisory and leadership positions across the organization.

Michael’s engagement philosophy is that if you support innovation, embrace diversity, empower employees, and find ways to spark curiosity through exposure to all parts of the business, you can build capable, dedicated leaders that support the county’s mission and vision. With this drive for excellence, Michael is leading change at Hennepin County to build a talented and sustainable workforce of the future.

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