Michael Welp

Co-founder & Owner

Company: WMFDP
Role: Webinar Presenter

Webinar: Who Gets to Belong in Corporate America?
Webinar: Class & Caste: Inequity We Don’t Discuss

Michael Welp, PhD. is a co-founder of White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP | FDPGlobal), a US-based leadership development consultancy. For 25 years, Michael has led pioneering workshops engaging white male leaders and building leadership skills to create cultures of full inclusion. He focuses on how to engage white men to become more passionate advocates for inclusion and how they can partner better with women and across cultures. His company WMFDP | FDP Global also engages men as gender equity advocates worldwide.

Earlier in his career, Michael facilitated interracial team-building with over a dozen South African corporations in his work with Outward Bound. Following this, his research on how white men learn about diversity led to founding WMFDP.

Michael is the author of the recently published book, Four Days To Change: 12 Radical Habits to Overcome Bias and Thrive in a Diverse World. His TEDx talk, posted on YouTube, is entitled White Men: Time to Discover Your Cultural Blind Spots. Michael is also the host of The Insider Outsider Podcast.


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