Miloney Thakrar

Founder and Principal

Company: Mind the Gender Gap, Inc.
Role: Session Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 58: Ally for Gender Equity: A Case Study
2022 Conference Session: Achieving Pay Equity: Analysis, Audits and Taking Action (S3-A)

My mother first immigrated to the U.S. from Malawi—which remains one of the poorest countries in the world—while I was still kicking in the womb. In the midst of the Reagan recession, she wasted no time after she set foot on American soil to secure a low-wage job at Toys ‘R’ Us. Within a few months, through my mother’s tenacity, she serendipitously secured a job with great benefits at a life insurance company, which ultimately led my family toward economic security. Fatefully, her health insurance benefits kicked in within less than two weeks of my entry into this world.

I founded Mind the Gender Gap, Inc., to honor my mother’s legacy and all the adversity she overcame to build a better life for my family. My varied work experiences—from investigating workplace discrimination claims to evaluating multi-million-dollar philanthropic initiatives benefiting women and girls to advising women tech founders—the through line for me has been my unrelenting commitment to closing the gender equity gap.

Having worked in the research and evaluation field for more than 15 years, one of the most important insights I’ve gained is that the ways in which data —or lack thereof—is collected, analyzed, and presented can construct narratives that perpetuate gender inequities in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. As such, my consultancy is grounded in the underlying belief that we will never achieve gender equity without addressing inequities and biases in research and data.

I partner with forward-thinking organizations—from nonprofits to startups to Fortune 500s—to leverage technology and data storytelling to accelerate gender equity. My clients include Accenture, Women Tech Founders, and UN Women, among others. My five-step proprietary approach uniquely combines data feminism, data storytelling, and cutting-edge technology to design scalable, innovative solutions. My work has been featured at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, Centre of Global Inclusion, Diversity and Inclusion Research Conference, and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

A Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, I hold dual graduate degrees in gender and social policy and public policy from the London School of Economics and Australian National University. I am the recipient of the June 2021 Inclusion 1st Ally Award and the 2021 UN Women USA–Chicago Gender Equality Award. I currently serve on Garbo’s Advocacy Council, the Angel Valuation board of directors, and the ¡Milwaukee Evaluation! board.

When I am not geeking out on DEI data or convincing my dad to buy a cell phone, you can find me reading in hammocks or hiking the Great Plains of Illinois.


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