Miloney Thakrar

Founder and Principal

Company: Mind the Gender Gap, Inc.
Role: Session Presenter
Session: Redefining Masculinity in Leadership (SEM-G )

Miloney Thakrar is the founder and principal of Mind the Gender Gap, Inc., and partner at Mercedes Martin & Company. Her consultancy practice is grounded in one key principle: we cannot realize our collective vision for equity without effectively addressing the inequities and biases in narratives shaped by data and research. As a strategist, trainer, facilitator, and data storyteller, she strives to create a safe space for those who are often unseen and unheard to share their stories in the way they wish to tell them. In doing so, she strategically leverages research and knowledge to disrupt existing narratives to catalyze social change.

Miloney draws on her varied professional and academic experiences working with foundations, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, university settings, startups, corporations, and research institutions on a wide range of issues related to inclusion and equity, social sustainability, leadership development, employment discrimination, workforce and economic development, intersectionality, and gender equity.

Miloney holds an MSc in gender and social policy from the London School of Economics and an MPP from Australian National University. As a first-generation-born American who has studied and lived in four foreign countries, she brings a well-informed, global perspective to her work. Inspired by her experiences as a Greenlining alumnus, a PPIA fellow, and a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, she continues to advocate for equity and social change on local, national, and international levels.

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