Modupé Congleton

Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Amazon Stores

Company: Amazon
Role: Day Two General Session Speaker

Modupé Congleton is a true asset to any organization seeking to transform its culture and drive growth and profitability through diversity and inclusivity.

Modupé’s dynamic skill set and extensive experience make her a leading expert in Culture Transformation, Change Management, Operations, Sales, and Marketing. She possesses a unique blend of self-awareness, credibility, relationship-building, bias for action, humility, and authenticity, making her an effective leader and role model.

As the global leader of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Amazon Worldwide Stores, Modupé spearheads initiatives aimed at enhancing access and engagement for underrepresented and marginalized communities worldwide. Her advocacy for an inclusive and equitable experience extends to all employees, customers, partners, and sellers within Amazon’s ecosystem, as she leads her team to create a level playing field for everyone. With Amazon’s vast reach, serving over 1.2 million employees and 600 million customers from diverse backgrounds, Modupé’s role also entails overseeing Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Inclusive Marketing, and Social Impact teams. She takes pride in her role as a champion of diversity and inclusion, driving positive change both within and beyond Amazon.

Before her current role, Modupé led the AWS Sales & Marketing, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team, where she collaborated with HR and business leaders to develop processes for the equitable distribution of talent and activated DEI as a differentiator to drive sustainable change globally for the multi-billion-dollar business.

Modupé Congleton is an award-winning business and diversity executive who is passionate about fostering inclusive experiences for all and amplifying the voices of historically marginalized communities. With a proven track record of developing strategies that harmonize people, technology, process, and accountability, Modupé has taken Fortune 100 companies to new heights in growth and profitability. She is widely recognized as a Diversity Impact Leader and sought- after speaker, known for evangelizing the connection between diverse leadership teams and increased profits, consumer insights, workforce engagement, and better decision-making through inclusive leadership.

Under her leadership, AWS strengthened from within, with increased professional growth opportunities for persons of color and a multi-channel inclusion engagement campaign that reached thousands daily.

Modupé’s career also includes nearly 15 years at Cisco Systems, where she was Head of Cisco Supply Chain Inclusion, Diversity, and Workforce Strategy. There, she launched a cultural revolution that increased the hiring of diverse talent, established a diverse talent strategy modeled across Cisco Systems, and introduced initiatives that led to a 157% growth rate in top talent. She was also nominated to represent 76,000 Cisco employees as a Culture Ambassador who influenced sustainable conscious culture change across the company.

Modupé holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and Communications Studies and numerous certifications in Organizational Leadership, Business Process Management, and Change Management. She has served on multiple boards, including the Urban Assembly Global School of Commerce and the Howard University School of Business Supply Chain Board. Modupé is a top speaker and writer on the topics of diversity, authentic leadership, gender equality, and brand ownership.

Beyond her professional career, Modupé enjoys spending time with her family, mentoring young business professionals, and supporting global diverse businesses and organizations. Overall, Modupé’s professional career exemplifies a true commitment to improving the employee experience through innovative new solutions that maximize inclusive talent acquisition practices.

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