Monica Francois Marcel brings a perspective that is rooted in 25 years of experience “on-the-ground” in more than 45 countries and work with dozens more. Her primary role today is serving as LCW’s master consultant and chief engagement leader for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to world-class universities and the U.S. Peace Corps. She helps them achieve cultural transformations, develop cultural competence, engage equity, and better connect to the local contexts in all the locations where they operate.

Monica’s particular expertise is in de-biasing HR systems and developing global acumen and mind-sets for North Americans to succeed among culturally diverse workplaces, markets and project teams. Her research projects include comparing gender equity strategies in the U.S. and emerging markets, assessing executive leadership teams’ cultural competence, researching best practices for global employee resource groups, and benchmarking global ethics and compliance programs.

Monica regularly supports clients in embedding cultural competence and global D&I strategies into their talent management cycles, and she customizes skill-building suites for managing bias in talent management systems for global nonprofits, elite universities and corporations.

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