nadia younes

Nadia Younes

EMEA Director and Chief Diversity Officer

Company: Rupert Organizational Design
Role: Guest Speaker  /  Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Day 2 General Session: Solving for X by identifying I
2022 Conference Session: Global DEI Best Practice (S3-C)

As a highly driven diversity, inclusion, and work-life leader, Nadia Younes pursues innovative approaches for a more flexible, connected, fun, and inclusive workplace. She brings more than 20 years of experience in global multinational companies in Switzerland, the U.S., and the UK, within biotech, pharmaceutical, mining, academic, and financial sectors.

Formerly global head of employee experience, diversity, and well-being at Zürich Insurance, Nadia had previously served as the chief innovation officer for EDGE Strategy, a global leader in gender equality certification. She also served as the board-appointed Diversity & Inclusion advisor for The International Monetary Fund.

Nadia sits on the board of several future-of-work, leadership, and D&I think tanks and has been an active volunteer in community programs working with women, immigrants, youth, elderly, people with physical and mental disabilities, interfaith, and LGBTQI+ groups.

Born in Canada to an American mother and Egyptian father, Nadia was raised as a “Canyptian” in a multicultural family spanning continents, cultures, classes, and religions. She is passionately driven to increasing equality across diverse groups and ensuring healthy organizational and interpersonal relations at work.


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