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Naseem Ahmed


Company: INclusion ACTION
Role: Guest Speaker  /  Session Presenter

2019 Conference Session: D&I Benchmarks: The How-to’s of Good Work—a Map for Strategy and Implementation (SEM-D)
2020 Conference Session: Real Talk: Getting at the Root of Tensions that Divide Us
2020 Conference Session: Both/And: Bridging the Gaps Between US and Global D&I (SEM-I)
2020 Conference Session: Mobilizing DEI to Influence the Future (S1-A)
2021 Conference Session: The Art of Advancing Equity (AW3-A)

As a moderator, Naseem Ahmed is an avid communicator and space maker. Her approach to exploring topics related to DEI is straightforward, passionate and authentic.

With a decade of experience as a D&I facilitator and strategist, most recently as D&I director for Shell UK, Naseem is driven to help individuals connect across obstacles. She is a core member of Inclusion Action Collective and currently resides in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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