Nene Molefi

Managing Director and CEO

Company: Mandate Molefi HR Consultants CC
Role: Session Presenter

Nene Molefi is a diversity and inclusion consultant, facilitator, managing director and CEO of Mandate Molefi Human Resource Consultancy. As a South African who has a lived experience of the devaluing impact of Apartheid, Nene has designed a model of dialogue that highlights the complexity and interplay between participant and observer in a system designed to perpetuate exclusion. She has facilitated large-scale transformation processes to help organizations create a culture where shareholder value and stakeholder expectations are mutually inclusive.

She has worked with large and medium sized organizations assisting executives to co-create a solid vision for D&I. The organizations range from listed companies to nonprofit organizations including a number of private schools where racial diversity is a challenge. She prepares a safe space for crucial conversations between diverse teams that are conflicted and need to create a high-performance culture.

Nene’s passion is in looking at diversity and inclusion through the lens of multiple systems. She believes strongly that work on any one part of the organization is bound to impact another, in an interconnected way. While focusing on diversity and inclusion, she incorporates equity, talent, performance management, and marketing to ensure meaningful culture change. She developed the 10 steps iterative culture change model which ensures sustainable change — going beyond workshops — and examines barriers embedded in the organization thereby demonstrating the connectedness of the system. She has helped numerous clients develop visions and strategies for sustainable change.

Nene has also led social context discussions with the SA Judiciary across all the High Courts, Supreme, and Constitutional Courts. She authored the book, “A Journey of Diversity and Inclusion in South Africa,” and a number of other publications. She is a speaker at various conferences around the world, an associate lecturer for GIBS, and was a visiting lecturer at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute. She sits on the advisory board of the Auditor General of South Africa.

Nene studies social science at University of Fort Hare and University of Cape Town, and master’s studies in leading change and innovation at York St John University, UK. She is secretary of the board for The Centre for Global Inclusion and co-author for the 2021 edition of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World.



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