Nene Molefi


Company: Mandate Molefi Human Resources Consultants, Johannesburg, South Africa
Role: Session Presenter
Sessions: D&I Benchmarks: The How-to’s of Good Work—a Map for Strategy and Implementation (SEM-D)  |   Seeking Solutions to Our Own Ethnocentrism: Addressing the My-Approach-Is-Better-Than-Your-Approach D&I Contest (S2-G)

Nene Molefi is president of Mandate Molefi Consultants, a South African company based in Johannesburg but with footprints across all provinces of South Africa and the broader African continent. Nene’s areas of expertise center around designing and implementing whole-systems culture-change strategies, diversity and inclusion, employment equity, gender and power, strategic planning, leadership development, and values-driven leadership.

Nene is a sought-after D&I facilitator who has led large-scale projects like training the judges of the High Courts and Constitutional Courts on social context and diversity and inclusion. She consults for executive teams of national and multinational organizations and has documented several case studies for best practice on D&I and inclusive leadership.

She is an international speaker on the topics listed above and has addressed conferences and workshops in Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA, UK, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Germany and her home country of South Africa. Nene is an expert panelist of the Global D&I Benchmarks and is also a member of the board of The Centre for Global Inclusion. She is an associate lecturer for Stellembosch Business School on transformation strategy, and for GIBS Business School on global diversity and unconscious bias. She sits on the Advisory Structure of the Auditor General of South Africa to advise on transformation and diversity.

Nene is the author of several publications and recently published a book, “A Journey of Diversity and Inclusion in South Africa: Guidelines for Leading Inclusively.”

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