Nereida (Neddy) Perez

Head of Campus & Diversity Recruiting

Company: McCormick & Spice
Role: Session Presenter
Sessions: The Latinx Professional Journey—The Rocky Road from Local to Global (S5-F)  |   Diversity Recruiting Bootcamp (SEM-E)

Neddy Perez is head of diversity and campus recruiting for TIAA, a financial services company, where she has redesigned campus recruiting efforts and developed a national recruiting effort. Previously, she had been former chief diversity officer at three multinational Fortune Top 50 and 200 companies.

Neddy has more than 25 years of experience in human resources, diversity, public relations, and corporate social responsibility, and has developed, implemented and led a variety of HR, diversity and leadership programs in Latin American, Europe, Asia, and North America. She is the recipient of more than 45 national and international awards for work to remove cultural barriers and build cross-cultural bridges.

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