Ramon Vullings

Cross-Industry Expert & IdeaDJ

Role: Guest Speaker

Ramon Vullings is an engaging keynote speaker, author, cross-industry expert & ideaDJ

Ramon speaks about bringing the outside world in and why remixing of ideas cross-sector is a smart strategy in this digital era. Ramon helps business leaders with strategies, tools & skills to look beyond the borders of their domain to transform their business in a smarter way. His latest book: ‘Great Leaders Mix and Match’ focusses on how future-fit leaders can make more beautiful and impactful combinations. He does this for organizations such as NASA, Rabobank, Nike, TEDx, Siemens, PwC, FloraHolland, AB InBev, Deutsche Telekom & Audi.

Ramon is the author of 4 management books on applied creativity & innovation. His book: “Not Invented Here: cross-industry innovation” has already been translated into 5 languages and with over 60,000 copies sold a true management bestseller. As a speaker, he has an energetic TED style. His keynotes and sessions are very interactive and full of relevant examples & visuals. His latest book is called ’Great Leaders Mix And Match: Get ready for the future with the ideaDJ strategy’ in which he outlines the need for leaders to make more beautiful business combinations.

Ramon’s speaking style is charismatic, passionate and interactive. As one of the most engaging speakers in the world, Ramon grabs any audience with a combination of research, visuals, humor, stories and practical business tools

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