portrait of Regina Speed-Bost

Regina Speed-Bost

Founder and Managing Partner

Company: SB Law, PLLC
Role: DIP Presenter

Diversity Insights Breakfast: Race, Politics, and the Workplace

Regina advises an array of clients reflecting the broad spectrum of energy companies that engage in regulated activities in the U.S. She represents natural gas companies, local distribution companies, and electric utilities on a variety of matters related to energy administrative and regulatory law. Her previous experience working for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the foundation of her distinct approach toward communicating between business owners, regulators and engineers. Regina works to understand your business objectives to bring results for her clients. Regina also understands the significant role the energy sector plays in the health of the overall economy, and applies that knowledge to her practice. Investigations and compliance matters are not only legal matters, they are whole company issues. Regina partners with company compliance officers and business teams to help ensure that all areas of an organization with compliance responsibilities are engaged in compliance daily and are informed during internal or external audits, investigations and enforcement actions. Her long-term, positive relationship with regulators underlies her firm but cooperative attitude in compliance cases, leading to better overall results for her clients. Her measured outlook has produced successful results and, in some cases, improved regulatory understanding for the entire industry.

A litigator at her core, she applies her deep knowledge of the energy industry and years of litigation training to cases before state courts, as well as before federal and state regulatory bodies, on behalf of clients in multiple jurisdictions. She is a trained negotiator and uses those negotiation skills, when appropriate, to bring about favorable results for her clients.

Regina has spearheaded diversity initiatives throughout the energy bar and industry. She served as the co-chair of the Energy Bar Association President’s Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and actively works to increase diversity, equality and inclusion throughout the industry and the legal profession generally.

Regina serves as a Professional Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University Law School where she teaches energy law and regulation. She is a licensed, christian minister and serves as an Elder in her local church. She regularly shares the intersections of her faith and roles as wife, mother, grandmother, legal professional, and community worker to younger attorneys as they navigate their careers.

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