Rosemary Ugboajah

Founder and President

Company: Neka Creative
Role: Session Presenter

Rosemary Ugboajah is the founder and president of Neka Creative, a brand development agency committed to bringing the power of inclusion to organizations through their proprietary process, Inclusivity Marketing™.

In addition to almost eight years of brand agency ownership, Rosemary gained her breadth of experience from various advertising agencies where she worked on numerous brands such as 3M, Frango, Xcel Energy, Cargill, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, and Youth Performance Company. She also gained corporate experience as a marketer for Target Corporation, where she handled marketing planning for essential products, new stores, and the first Target Pharmacy marketing campaign.

More recently, she has led several strategic and creative projects in the Neka Creative portfolio, including Merwin LTC Pharmacy, Penumbra Theatre, Swanson Flo, The Commons, and branding the workforce system for the State of Minnesota. A testament to her zeal for excellence, her agency has won multiple communication and design awards, including five Graphic Design USA awards.

Rosemary studied art and design at West Kensington College of Arts in London, and has a Bachelor of Arts in advertising from the University of Minnesota.

She currently serves on the board of Art Buddies and volunteers for a number of community organizations that focus on equity and inclusion strategies.

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