Dr. Saran Tucker

Program Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Company: Capella University
Role: Webinar Presenter

Webinar: Six Pillars: A Guide to Strategic DEI work in the University Setting

Dr. Saran Tucker Currently serves as the Program Manager for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Capella University. Her journey at Capella University began in 2012 when she joined the School of Public Service Leadership, later becoming an integral part of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences within the Public Health Program in 2017. Throughout her tenure, Dr. Tucker has consistently taken on leadership roles, including her pivotal role as the DrPH Program lead, and active involvement in various councils.

In addition to her passion for higher education, Dr. Tucker has over two decades of experience in public health. Dr. Tucker is deeply committed to the mission of identifying disparities and developing innovative programs aimed at closing equity gaps. Prior to her association with Capella, she made substantial contributions to the field as a public health policy government contractor, played a key role in a prominent managed care organization, and provided influential leadership in a hospital setting, particularly in the areas of quality improvement and health outcomes.

Dr. Tucker’s academic journey includes the attainment of a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of California at Irvine, a Master of Public Health with a focus on Environmental Epidemiology from the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, and a Bachelor of Science degree in both Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences from the University of California at Riverside. Her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is exemplified by her certification in Diversity Equity and Inclusion from Cornell University.

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