Shavon Lindley

CEO and Co-Founder

Company: ion Learning
Role: Session Presenter
Session: The Science of Mentoring for Inclusion (S1-H)

Shavon Lindley is an award-winning career development and mentorship strategist who specializes in creating, measuring, and scaling training and mentoring programs that help create inclusive workplace cultures. She is the CEO and co-founder of ion Learning, and creator of Inclusion 360°™ and Women Evolution®.

As a Forbes contributor and former host of the “The CEO Show” on ESPN, she has interviewed more than 200 executives and discovered exactly what is needed to advance diversity and inclusion initiatives within an organization. Shavon’s innovative learning and mentoring technology and solutions have been implemented by leading organizations such as Walmart, Intel, CBRE, Evolution Hospitality, Barona Resort & Casino and more.

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