Sheena Mason

Sheena Mason

Assistant Professor, CEO

Company: Theory of Racelessness
Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 72: How Different Philosophies of Race Can Help Us Heal
Post: Podcast Ep. 87: Theory of Racelessness

In May 2021, Sheena earned her Ph.D. “with distinction” from Howard University in Washington, DC. She joined the faculty at SUNY Oneonta in Oneonta, NY, in August 2021, as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in African American literature. Her forthcoming book Theory of Racelessness: A Case For Antirace(ism) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022) presents a skeptical eliminativist philosophy of race and racism that results in her signature “theory of racelessness.” According to reviewers, her book is significant for many reasons. First, it is the first book in literary theory to track the genealogy of philosophies of race as held by prominent African Americans within a single book, even as it brings to the surface the lesser-known philosophies of racial skepticism and racial eliminativism. Second, it illuminates the practical application of alternative philosophies to reach better and more nuanced understandings of African American literature and philosophy and American society. Third, the theory of racelessness reverberates from literary studies and philosophy to virtually every other discipline, industry, and practice.


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