Siân Webb

Vice President, Partnerships and Growth

Company: Gapsquare
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Achieving Pay Equity: Analysis, Audits and Taking Action (S3-A)

Siân Webb is vice president of Partnerships and Growth at Gapsquare, and an experienced equity, diversity, and inclusion professional leading two teams in achieving fair pay worldwide. Siân has more than a decade of experience in equity, diversity, and inclusion and has built a wealth of knowledge, including working with multinational corporations to analyze and advise on fair-pay strategies and how to embed equality and diversity into their strategic action plans.

Siân’s work at Gapsquare has included working with organizations like London Metropolitan Police, Vodafone Group, Accenture, Wieden+Kennedy, DWF, and Mercy Corps in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nigeria, supporting them in understanding gender gaps (both in terms of pay and representation), as well as helping them implement policy change.

Through her client work, she has developed working relationships across five continents with hundreds of thousands of employees understanding the complexities of global reward and compensation from numerous scales, currencies, and scope. Siân has been advising clients on understanding, explaining, and remediating fair pay work since her inception at Gapsquare.

Siân has spoken at global and national conferences around the world, sharing her expertise on the fair pay agenda in various global and national contexts. She is passionate about representing leadership in employee management and her work with employers regularly impacts hundreds of thousands of employees around the globe.


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