Simma Lieberman

Simma Lieberman

The Inclusionist / Principal

Company: Simma Lieberman Consulting
Role: Session Presenter Session: Seeking Solutions to Our Own Ethnocentrism: Addressing the My-Approach-Is-Better-Than-Your-Approach D&I Contest (S6-I)

Simma Lieberman is internationally known as “The Inclusionist,” because she creates inclusive cultures where people love to do their best work, and customers love to do business. She is a diversity and inclusion strategy consultant, speaker, and executive coach. In February 2017, The World HRD Congress presented Simma with the Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award in Mumbai. She was also recently recognized by Corporate Visions magazine in the UK for her work in cultural transformation.

Simma has the unique ability to bring people together from diverse backgrounds, work functions, religions, etc. to engage in constructive dialogue. These dialogues and ensuing processes have resulted in dramatic improvements in the way people interact and work with each other. Her background as an hourly employee, and her experience as a consultant and advisor to executive leaders enable her to understand issues that impact people at every organizational level and work function.

Simma’s passion for diversity began in 1963 when she went on the March on Washington with Martin Luther King. She wishes she could say it was because she heard his “I Have a Dream Speech,” but she was too young to understand it. It was because of being with thousands of people from so many different backgrounds marching together for change. She moved from the Bronx to Eugene Oregon which was her first big culture shock where she was one of the founders of a diversity theater group with people from the US, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. After moving to San Francisco, CA, USA over 20 years ago, she started her own diversity and inclusion consulting practice.

Simma is a member of two diversity think tanks, Diversity 2K, and Diversity Community Exchange. She is also an inductee to the Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame™. Simma has worked with a diversity of organizations and people from across the globe that include: Diageo, Intel India, Sonoco, America Empresarial (Bogota, Colombia,) McDonalds, Pillsbury Bakeries, Kimpton Hotels, Chevron, Genentech, Oracle, Kaiser Permanente, Gulfstream and Women’s Foodservice Forum. Her articles and advice have been featured in publications worldwide such as; Wall Street Journal, New York Times,, Fast Company,, Hindustan Times, Black MBA, Restaurant Hospitality, Managing Diversity Journal, National Workforce Diversity Network, and NPR.

Simma is co-author of three books. “Putting Diversity to Work, how to successfully lead a diverse workforce,” (Crisp, 2003) and, “The Diversity Calling; building diverse communities, one story at a time, and the author of the book, “110 Ways to Champion Diversity and Build Inclusion.” From 2010-2015, Simma hosted “The Inclusionist” diversity segment for Swirl Radio and was a frequent guest on the Michelle Meow show on KOFY TV. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Colegio Cesar Chavez and a Master of Arts in Health Education from Columbia-Pacific University.