Siyad Abdullahi

President and CEO

Company: The Language Banc
Role: Webinar Presenter

Business and Health Care Leader and Entrepreneur President/CEO and founder of several companies employing over 350 employees, and over 1000 independent contractors in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona. Nonprofit and dynamic community leader, entrepreneur, and bridge- builder across cultures, and communities.

Siyad Abdullahi is a health care entrepreneur, public health expert with a background in family medicine, international health, refugee, and immigrant health; public health consultant, businessman, entrepreneur, cross cultural competencies trainer, strategic planning & corporate strategy coach, and public speaker/trainer. Siyad came to United States in 1999 and calls Minnesota home. Siyad brings his unique combination of education, dedication and experience to the businesses he founded and operates in the Twin Cities:

President and CEO, Language Banc, LLC Founded in 2006, Language Banc is a Minneapolis-based language translation, interpreting and training agency primarily serving the healthcare and legal industries with more than 1000 on-call and staff interpreters. The agency’s interpreters cover over 100 languages on a 24/7 basis and meet National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care. The company is a market leader, and is among the top ten language service companies in the Midwest Region, and is recognized as one of the fastest growing, and well run companies in the industry.

President & CEO, Midwest Career Institute. The Institute, based in Minneapolis since 2004, trains and certifies health care professionals to take vital roles in the medical field. Since 2006 Midwest has trained more than 2000 caregivers to be nursing assistants, and home health aides. Many of these individuals have moved on and obtained further training and certification to become LPNs, RNs and CNPs. Siyad’s leadership includes oversight of curriculum design, student and faculty recruitment, enrollment, and instruction.

Founder, Vice President & Director of Medical Affairs Pro-Health Care, Inc. Founded in 2007, this professional health care provider gives Class A in-home care in situations requiring a high level of support from registered nurses or personal care assistants outside of the Medicare framework. The company has about 800 employees, and grown to ~ 12M in Revenue, employees one of the most diverse work force in the State of Minnesota, and serves more clients throughout the State.

Founder, President & CEO PT Works, LLC. This 15-employee agency provides culturally competent and culturally sensitive physical therapy and rehabilitation services to clients across many cultural groups in St. Paul and Minneapolis. PT Works offers outpatient care and serves home bound clients as well.

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