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Tatyana Fertelmeyster

Founder and Principal

Company: Connecting Differences, LLC
Role: Session Presenter
Session: Taking the “Dys” out of Dysfunction: The TRUST Model for Teams and Organizations (SEM-H)

Tatyana Fertelmeyster, founder and principal of Connecting Differences, LLC, is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion, cultural adjustment, and creative bridging. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor.

Connecting Differences is not just a company name, it is also a life passion. Tatyana came to the United States as a refugee from the former Soviet Union 30 years ago and everything she has done since has been about connecting differences from intercultural to interpersonal. Her work experiences include refugee resettlement, training professionals in refugee services, mental health counseling (individuals, families, groups), D&I training, relocation training, executive coaching, and lots of training of trainers and facilitators. Tatyana has worked in at least 35 states and with professionals from all 50 states. She also provided training in Finland, Russia, Qatar, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Poland, and the Netherlands and worked with training participants from a multitude of countries.

Tatyana is a faculty member at the Summer, Winter, and Qatar Institutes for Intercultural Communication. She is a past president of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) USA. Tatyana is a contributor to, “The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence and Building Cultural Competence: Innovative Activities and Models.” She co-authored, “Life Skills Education for Pre-Literate Populations: Facilitator’s Tool Kit.” She is also a co-author of the Russian version of a training tool, “Cultural Detective™,” and a master trainer of facilitators for the Cultural Detective™ model. Tatyana is a senior facilitator of Personal Leadership, and a leadership team member at the KMA Race and Reconciliation Institute.

Tatyana’s unique technique of Spontaneous Facilitation allows her to work with individuals and groups with maximum concentration on the reality of the present moment. She leads her clients in arriving at deeper levels of insight and in development of practical and sustainable skills. Working with organizations and teams who are not satisfied with their current results and see a need to increase their interpersonal effectiveness skills, Tatyana offers a transformative learning approach that combines training and coaching. This approach significantly increases an emphasis on skill development rather than knowledge acquisition.

The following topics represent a sample of programs that Tatyana has presented to a variety of client organizations:

  • Leadership — Leading Self while Leading Others; Culturally-minded Leadership; Global Mind-set and Cultural Agility for Leaders and Organizations; Effective Meeting Facilitation for Leaders of Diverse Teams; Unconscious Bias and Beyond–Mindful Navigation of Potential Pitfalls
  • Teambuilding — Connecting Differences in a Workplace; 3 C’s–Culture, Communication, and Conflict; 3 G’s–Globalization, Genders, and Generations; Challenging Conversations–From Diversity to Inclusion
  • Assessments — Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI); Global Competencies Inventory (GCI); Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES); Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICSI)

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