Tommi Paris

Manager, Diversity & Inclusion

Company: Southern Company Gas
Role: Session Presenter

Americans spend more than a third of their lifetime at work, so how do we make the most of this time investment?

Tommi Paris, manager of diversity and inclusion at Southern Company Gas, is a millennial in corporate America who wants more from the traditional nine-to-five work experience and believes that you do too. By connecting employees’ hearts and minds to business objectives through the value of diversity and inclusion, her goal is to create a place where every employee feels valued for who they are and the evolving talents they bring to the business.

With experience in employee communications, culture, and engagement initiatives, Tommi enjoys creating workplace experiences that reveal or reinforce the fact that workplace diversity is an asset to the business; experiences that honor the richness of our collective histories; and experiences that inspire us to be better together by exploring and applying principles of workplace inclusion.

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